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kYnsloo adheres to the most strict banking security requirements

Next gen

New performance monitoring technology coming soon ...

Going global

kYnsloo now operates both in the US and Europe


Enjoy our video tips to improve your team work.


All your questions answered by our experts

Wall to wall monitoring

manage the performance of your web servers, app servers, developers, network infrastructure, databases, and CRM systems.
Find WHERE and WHAT is slowing each or all of these technologies

Best advice

Use the best tools in the market and get objective advice from kYnsloo


kYnsloo uses best-in-breed tools to gather information from your IT teams. Powerful. Fast. Clean graphs to show which of your technologies is slowing your business down.
Your customers experience will be measured. You will be able to identify slow downs, react to them fast or prevent them altogether

kYnsloo and your IT peformance

Our Clients

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