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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions from our clients



How can Application Performance Management save money?

By knowing your bottlenecks you can achieve several money savers: 1) you save precious time your staff would have spent troubleshooting 2) you prevent outages 3) your money-generating technology will operate in full capacity and speed


Can we find out more before buying?

Of course, kYnsloo recommends spending some time learning your business and infrastructure in order to provide you with the best solution and estimates



How long will it take to setup monitoring?


Monitoring can be setup within a day up to 3 days for non-complicated environments

I have my load-test teams, do I need monitoring?

Some efforts must be streamlined and automated in order to get results. If your team's efforts are to be trusted they need the empiric and scientific approach that APM tools provide, their work will become much more efficient

We have several data-center locations. Can they all be covered?

APM tools are globally deployed from a remote connection. It is also possible to visit each of the sites and setup the tools locally

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